We’re all after that “mermaid hair.” The truth is, those thick, shiny locks you envy aren’t actually as unattainable as we might think. As the most plentiful protein source in the body, collagen helps create your skin, ligaments and tendons. Sadly, your body starts to produce less and less as you grow older. This makes daily supplementation with collagen a good way to replace lost collagen and ensure that you enjoy a host of health benefits. One benefit has to do with hair and as it turns out, a daily dose of collagen could help us all enjoy thicker, longer and healthier hair. Here’s why…

Collagen provides amino acids that build your hair

Whilst hair is made up of keratin (another protein), the body needs amino acids to create keratin. Some of these amino acids are found in collagen, which are then used to construct the proteins needed for hair growth and fortification.

Could lessen thinning and hair fall

Have you noticed that your hair isn’t quite as thick as it used to be? With collagen making up around 70% of your dermis (the middle layer of the skin where the root of each hair is found), it’s vital to preserve it. A collagen supplement helps to replenish the dermis’ cells and could very well prevent the thinning of your hair.

It helps to repair damaged hair follicles

Another way that collagen aids healthy hair is the way in which it acts as an antioxidant. Most of us are already aware of the damage caused by free radicals. These stem from smoking, poor diet, alcohol, stress, pollution and other environmental factors. Free radicals damage hair and skin and with our bodies’ ability to fight them growing weaker as we age, we need a second line of defence. Thanks to collagen, you can fend off pesky free radicals and promote healthier hair in the process.

It could slow down those greys

As the years pass, the trips to the hairdresser seem to become more frequent in an attempt to cover those greys. Sure, how grey you go and how early has definitely got something to do with genetics but free radicals can also speed up this process.

In growing older, our cells that produce melanin (the pigment that gives us our hair colour) begin to die off. This can be worsened by free radicals causing extra unnecessary damage. With collagen helping combat free radicals and the damage caused by them, you could actually slow down the greying process.

Healthier Hair Starts Now

With a daily collagen supplement, you could soon have your very own “mermaid hair.” If you’re interested in browsing the full Motherkind range or if you’re ready to purchase your supplements and have them delivered to your door, please click here. Follow us on social media to get the latest updates and special offers in the Motherkind world.