What is ‘Glow Mama’?

‘Glow Mama’ is a Collagen Peptide..

Collagen Peptides are easily digested and soluble in cold or hot liquids. (Unlike other collagen powders which contain gelatin and have a more glue-like, sticky texture and are insoluble nin cold water)

· 1 simple ingredient – gluten free, dairy free, sugar & artificial flavourant free, preservative free, paleo friendly, halal

· 96.7% (3.3% oxygen and hydrogen) pure collagen protein – clean, tasteless, and dissolves & absorbs quickly.

How Can I Take My ‘Glow Mama’?

Add 2-3 teaspoons per day to food or beverages in order to give you the vitamin boost you need to support healthy hair, skin, nails, bone and joint health, to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks , for better digestion, sleep, muscle recovery,and more.

(2-3 teaspoons in one sitting is optimal but can also be taken in seperate servings)

Suggested Directions:

Stir into water, fruit juice, or other hot or cold beverages

Add to smoothies as protein booster

Why should I take ‘Glow Mama’?:

As moms, we have a mammoth task from conception and child bearing nurturing and raising children, and often dont realise this toll on our own body because we strive to put the endless list of needs of our kids before our own.

Glow Mama assists moms in boosting the body to its Glowing Pregnancy state of thick and luscious hair, strong nails & glowing skin.

It’s our goal to help you feel your best from the inside by giving your body what nature intended so that you can Glow and look your best on the outside, and in this way we hope to promote a loving, nurturing, positive body-image for moms in a world of mommy shaming, criticism and negative body image post-partum..

We strive to make you feel and look your best and be the happiest, glowing mama you can be.

You focus on being the best, we will take care of the rest.

We do that by providing a way for your body to boost collagen production with natural, minimally-processed and clean label bovine derived collagen products which promote:

· Glowing skin
· A more youthful appearance
· Joint health
· Tendon & bone strength
· Healthy cartilage
· Increased athletic performance
· Improved digestion
· Gut health
· Deeper sleep

The ‘Glow Mama’ Glow:

Collagen is an important building block for the skin. It makes up to 30% of the protein in our body and 70% of the protein within our skin. Collagen helps our skin stay toned and supple.

The dermis, which provides the foundation for the skin, is closely involved in the skin’s elasticity and flexibility, and the main source of collagen in the skin. Getting an adequate amount of collagen help to ensure our skin looks glowing.

The ‘Glow Mama’ Amino Acid profile:

Collagen is a protein made up of amino-acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine, all of which help our body’s connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, as well as gut health stay as healthy as possible.

Glow Mama contains 18 amino-acids, including 8 out of 9 essential amino-acids. It is characterized by the predominance of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which represent about 50% of the total amino-acid content. Glycine and proline concentration is 10 to 20 times higher in Glow Mama than in other proteins such as whey, casein etc.

Amino Acid Profile

Amino acid profile from 20 grams (two tablespoons) of Glow Mama:

• 1,462 milligrams alanine
• 1,517 milligrams arginine
• 1,192 milligrams aspartic acid
• 2,239 milligrams glutamic acid
• 3,719 milligrams glycine
• 144 milligrams histidine*
• 217 milligrams hydroxylysine
• 2,058 milligrams hydroxyproline
• 271 milligrams isoleucine
• 524 milligrams leucine*
• 614 milligrams lysine*
• 108 milligrams methionine*
• 379 milligrams phenylalanine*
• 2,076 milligrams proline
• 614 milligrams serine
• 342 milligrams threonine*
• 90 milligrams tyrosine
• 433 milligrams valine*
*Essential amino acids

How is it made?

Glow Mama Collagen Peptides are made from pasture-raised bovine hides. The hides are first cleaned and soaked in hot water to remove the fat. They are then soaked in an alkaline or acid solution to facilitate the release of collagen. After, the hides are cooked in water with a temperature that fluctuates up to 190 degrees, to extract the collagen from the hides. Unlike the Beef Gelatin, the Collagen Peptides are broken down further with an enzyme treatment. The final steps are evaporation and milling, which results in the powder form of collagen or gelatin. The process does not involve high heat and results in a very fresh tasting product.