Motherkind Cares

We kindly urge you to look through your closet and gift any of the following items: Winter clothing, Blankets and Toiletries.

All items go towards young children who are in desperate need. We’ll be posting regular updates on our charity drives where your donations will make a big difference!


Making a Difference

A community of ladies in need have sewn the #motherkindcares#motherkindcares Glow masks in a hygiene controlled facility to ensure you are safe and secure (and stylish) in this time.

By purchasing this mask, you are giving them not only income, but also a purpose where they may otherwise have felt forgotten by society with no means to provide for their families under dire and desperate circumstances.

These masks have already been purchased as a donation In advance by the #motherkindcares#motherkindcares initiative to ensure these families don’t go another day without food.

100% of proceeds from sales of our masks purchased from Motherkind goes to food parcels and masks for distribution to poor communities.

Thank you for supporting our purpose to show kindness to others.

Ubuntu – we are all one!


Reasons to support with a ‘Glow’ Mask

100% of proceeds from the sales of our masks go to the distribution of food parcels and masks to communities in need. The hands that make our masks come from a group of ladies who are financially supporting their families in an otherwise difficult economy.

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