Bodygold Complete-Fit Bundle


Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Bodygold – 375g
  • 1 x Theraband – Resistance Band
  • 1 x Jump Rope
  • 1 x Shaker – 600ml
  • 1 x Squat Band
  • 2 x Core Sliders
  • 1 x Bodygold Fitness Gym Set
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BODYGOLD®️ Natural Bodysculpt & Toner contains bioactive collagen peptides, targeted for increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass. These special peptides are concentrated, soluble, highly bioavailable and clinically verified for optimising body toning by stimulating the collagen matrix of the muscles. When used in combination with exercise, these specialised bioactive peptides have been clinically proven to reshape and optimise body composition.


– Theraband Resistance Bands are a great tool for strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion in joints, and stretching for increased flexibility. This product is multifaceted and can be used for a variety of body maintenance activities including glute strengthening, hip flexibility, foot mobility and more.

Key Features:

  • Stretches, tones & conditions all major muscle groups, perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitivities
  • Simple & easy to use product for upper & lower body exercises that can be performed anywhere, is ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles
  • The Non-Latex Resistance Band increases both strength & flexibility in a subtle & natural manner
  • Rehabilitate muscles through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength & improve motion


– Jump Rope is one of the best workouts you can do. You’ll burn fat, lose weight, and improve your cardio, all while gaining lean muscle mass.

Key Features:

  • Portable so you can take it anywhere
  • Complete, full-body workout
  • Easy to incorporate into any existing training regimen
  • Keep your body warmed up between other workout sets
  • Low risk of injury with lower impact on knees and ankles than running
  • Fun tricks for beginners and experts
  • Increased weight loss and toned muscle as skill level progresses
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Improved agility, endurance, and vertical leap
  • And amazing calve muscles


Squat Bands can make squats much more effective. Sure, Squats are great on their own, however, when you add the added tension of loop bands, you will be forced to push your legs outward. This helps to further strengthen the Glutes (Butt) and Abductors.

The Basics for a Proper Squat Form:

  1. Stand with feet a little wider than hip width, toes facing front.
  2. Drive your hips back—bending at the knees and ankles and pressing your knees slightly open—as you…
  3. Sit into a squat position while still keeping your heels and toes on the ground, chest up and shoulders back.
  4. Strive to eventually reach parallel, meaning knees are bent to a 90-degree angle.
  5. Press into your heels and straighten legs to return to a standing upright position.


Core Sliders are a low impact way to tighten your waistline and can be used to complement strength training, CrossFit and cross training workout routines.

  • Use them on all surfaces, it won’t matter what surface you’ve got at home or on your travels, because these double sided exercise sliders work smoothly on all surfaces
  • Wide variety of exercises to tone or strengthen your core, the possibilities are endless here. With such a wide variety of slider exercises to do, you’ll never ever be bored with them. Toning your tummy, legs or arms will be never be an issue again while you enjoy lunges, planks, bridges or simply make up your own exercises. We also have some great “how to videos” on our website (URL on packaging) for those that need some instruction
  • SUCH A SIMPLE IDEA, BUT LOW IMPACT, EFFECTIVE AND FUN, with the Elite core sliders, your hands or feet never leave the floor, so it’s a total body workout that is very low impact but highly effective for core development. They will add so much fun to your daily workouts and think of all the extra flexibility you’ll have
  • LIGHTWEIGHT TO TRAVEL WITH AND SO CONVENIENT TO USE AT HOME, our exercise sliders are so light and compact that you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel. Take them to the gym or if its more time efficient and convenient, stay at home and still get an awesome home workout in

Bodygold Fitness Gym Set

Colour Options:

  • Light Mint
  • Nude
  • Turquoise

Sizing Options:

  • XS-S
  • S-M
  • M-L


  • Fit Type: Skinny – sexy legging pants and crop top set
  • Shapewear Skinny tights and form fitting top
  • The design gently presses your butt to boost volume
  • High Elasticity – Features elastic, flexible and comfortable material for support and comfort
  • Tummy Control function, these high waisted slimming leggings provide gentle compression to your midsection, giving you a toned and trim look. Designed for excellent fit and soft comfort. Wide waist band offers you tummy support making you look slimmer than you ever thought possible
  • Fabric: Spandex – This fabric is lightweight, breathable and highly elastic, it stretches and moves with your body, without losing shape over time. It also helps wick sweat away from your skin, leaving your comfortable during activities such as cardio, running, yoga, weight lifting and more


  • Items sold as a set only.

Additional information

Fitness Gym Set Colour

Nude, Turquoise, Light Mint

Fitness Gym Set Size

XS-S, S-M, M-L


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