Mankind – Hair Treatment Bundle


Hair Treatment Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Hair (Derma) Roller – Groom Hero Roller
  • 1 x Hair Oil – Advanced Growth Serum

Bundle Special: 15% off Total = R750

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Zingiber officinale Root Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil (Olea Europaea) Fruit Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum.

Directions for use:

Intensive balding treatment:
Apply direct to balding/thinning areas of scalp daily.

Alternative usage:

1. Wash hair/scalp with warm water

2. Mix 3-4 drops of product with shampoo and apply to the scalp to get rich foam.

3. Massage hair roots/scalp with fingers for 2-3 minutes.

4. Wash hair thoroughly with warm water.

5. For product optimisation, use as a 2-part system in conjunction with Groom Hair Roller.

CAUTION: Be sure to split micro-needling and hair oil treatment sessions into morning and evening, leaving enough time for the scalp to heal after micro-needling session.

Example Usage Routine: 

1. AM: Groom Hair Roller Massage treatment in the morning; and
2. PM: Groom Hair Oil application either massaged direct on scalp or applied during Shampoo treatment in the evening.

Product Attributes:
Groom Hair Growth Oil contains bio-active nutrients essential for hair growth. This product can be used to regenerate hair loss and hair thinning. With essential ingredients of ginger and vitamin E, This powerful combination assists to stop hair loss, thinning and balding, reparation of hair follicles and promote the healthy development of hair and scalp. Groom Hair Oil results to be expected: thicker hair and new hair growth.



Benefits of Groom Hair Roller:

The Hair Roller stimulates the production of proteins that are responsible for the development of new hair follicles by increasing blood circulation & thereby promoting nutrients to flow more easily to your follicles, resulting in new hair growth.

The micro-needles penetrate the top layer of the skin and create thousands of microscopic channels. The process of micro-needling maximises the distribution of nutrition to facial follicles, activates the body’s natural healing, and increases the formation of regenerated follicles and tissue.

This can potentially lead to significant improvements for people with male pattern baldness and alopecia. The Groom Hair Roller increases blood circulation and stimulates sleeping follicles to regenerate hair growth.

Scalp and Beard Usage:

1. Be sure to clean the Groom Hair Roller before the use with medical-grade alcohol or a disinfectant spray.
2. Be sure to clean the scalp or beard area to be treated prior to usage (by either washing the scalp or beard or sterilising the treatment area prior) before beginning the treatment.
3. Apply the micro-needling device directly onto your scalp or beard and roll it evenly to ensure that you cover the scalp fully.

Best usage for Male Pattern Balding results:

  1. Start at the frontal region of the scalp just at the hairline.
  2. Advance and work your way towards the back of the head or the occipital region of the scalp.
  3. Do this one time up and down, then once going side to side, and then one time going across diagonally.
  4. Repeat this process back and forth until all the scalp target areas have been covered.
  • It is recommended to roll each area about 3-4 times per session.
  • It is recommended to use the Groom Hair Roller once per week for best results.

How long will my Groom Hair Roller last? 

If properly taken care of, the Groom Hair Roller typically lasts 6 months.
The needles should always be sharp enough to penetrate the skin easily. If not, a replacement is needed.
Be sure to clean the Groom Hair Roller correctly after each usage.


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