Tone Down Bundle - LIMITED EDITION

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BLACK FRIDAY Tone Down Bundle includes:
1x Slimming Coffee 180g
1x Collagen Slimming Shake 620g

BodyGOLD BodySculpt & Toner contains pure bioactive lean muscle targeting hydrolysate collagen peptides, which has been clinically proven to increase lean body mass and decrease fat mass. These specialised collagen peptides are concentrated, soluble and highly bioactive to support body toning by targeting the collagen matrix of the muscles. When used in combination with exercise, these specialised bioactive collagen peptides helps to reshape and optimise body composition.

- Motherkind's collagen for athletes and/or weight management
- Pure type I + III collagen peptides
- Flavourless and odourless.
- Quick and easily dissolves in your favourite beverage.
- Keto friendly.

Motherkind Slimming Coffee:
Our instant coffee contains green tea extract and garcinia cambogia which makes it the ideal morning beverage if you are a coffee lover who also wants to manage your weight sustainably. This special instant fat burning coffee is an antioxidant which will help your body slim down and improve your energy.

Start your morning the right way!

Motherkind Collagen Slimming Shake:
Boost your daily collagen intake with Motherkind's delicious Collagen Shake which has been carefully formulated to promote healthy metabolism and aid muscle recovery. Get your daily dose of collagen in a tasty and easy to make shake.

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