Secador Supreme Hairdryer 2600W

R 2,900.00

FAST AND AMAZING: The only blow dryer diffuser that really delivers 2600 Watts of power. This powerful hair dryer will provide a performance that saves valuable time. Whether you are styling your own hair or you are a professional hair stylist, this handheld hair dryer will get the job done almost 70% faster.

MORE FOR THE PROFESSIONAL: The Lizze Supreme professional salon hair dryer was designed to maximize efficiency for hairstylists. Its mobility, lightness and durability make it easy to simultaneously brush while drying hair. This sleek salon dryer is the complete dryer for any professional looking to increase gains by economizing on time and effort.

HEAT, SPEED AND POWER: The Lizze Supreme is a dry style hair dryer with 2 speed levels and 3 power levels, reaching an airspeed of 19mps and a whopping potency of 2600 watts! If you are in search of a high watt hair dryer with impeccable results, then you have come to the right place.

THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE: The Lizze Supreme model is a lightweight hair dryer built with an ultra fast cooling switch and a high heating resistance. This hair tool has a flexible 39" cable and comes with 2 directional nozzles. You deserve better, say goodbye to weak salon hair dryers and achieve dry hair with the Lizze Supreme.

QUALITY BLOW DRYERS: The feeling of having hair tools manufactured by Lizze Equipment is indescribable. Every appliance is made of the highest quality materials and engineered to perfection. If you care about your hair, Lizze is the way to go!

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Additional Information

  • Package Content: 1 blow dryer, 2 nozzle attachments & 1 instruction manual

  • Voltage: 220

  • Cable Length: 39"

  • Airspeed: 19mps

  • Wattage: 2600

  • The Lizze Extreme hair dryer is a must have for any hair stylist who wants to maximize their customer base by doing a thorough job. But let's be honest...hairdresser or not, if you care about your hair you need a Lizze blow dryer.