Slimming Shake Starter Kit

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Bundle includes: 

1 x Collagen Slimming Shake - 635g (Vanilla or Chocolate Flavour)
1 x Shaker Bottle - 600ml

    Collagen Slimming Shake is the latest slimming solution to effortlessly add to your current lifestyle. If your goals are to tighten and tone and have your daily intake of collagen, the solution is Motherkind’s Collagen Slimming Shake which has been carefully formulated using a blend of premium bioactive collagen peptides, clinically proven to target the muscle matrix in speeding up fat metabolism for weight loss. 

    Shaker Bottle is ergonomically designed with an easy-to-hold grip, allowing it to double as an active lifestyle water bottle. The main purpose of a shaker cup is to mix up protein shakes. But they can also be used for any drink—from juice to sports drink to iced coffee or just plain water.

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