You Can Triple Boost Low Libido With These Tips And Tricks

A low libido can put you in a total funk, that’s why we have heaps of tips, and tricks to triple-boost your libido. There are logical reasons why you may not be in the mood for intimacy. Having said that, you should know that there is a difference between erectile dysfunction and a low libido. Furthermore, it's not just men who have moments where they just don’t feel like it. Women also go through phases where intimacy is the last thing on their mind. Don’t worry, we have the perfect remedy for low libido for both men and women.

What Is Low Libido?

If you find yourself coming up with excuses every time your partner touches you, you probably have a low libido. Sometimes certain life situations can cause a decline in your enthusiasm for intimacy. It's understandable if you have occasional bouts of indifference towards sexual intimacy. It becomes problematic when this happens regularly, and it affects your mental health and relationships.

Why Are You Never In The Mood?

  • Yes, stress can make you boring and unimaginative. You may not want to try anything new, and intimacy can feel more like a chore.

  • If you’re constantly bickering with your partner, you probably won’t want to drop everything and get busy with them.

  • You’re on heavy medication that has side effects, one of which could be loss of libido.

  • You're not getting enough sleep, eating healthy or exercising. If you want to be excited about doing it, you have to take care of yourself first.

  • Mental health issues can feel overwhelming, thus your need to connect intimately with your favourite person might just be the last thing on your mind.

  • As you age, your desire to be a hot and wild stallion may diminish due to biological reasons.

  • Alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs may dampen your enthusiasm for intimacy. According to research, smoking is the number one culprit behind low testosterone levels which ultimately leads to you feeling disgruntled and not ready to hop in the sack.

  • If you have experienced any form of sexual abuse or trauma it's normal to experience low libido.

  • Hormonal fluctuations such as low testosterone levels, menopause, perimenopause and childbirth may cause a decline in your desire to be intimate.

  • Monotony can take its toll on intimacy. Spruce things up by trying new things.

  • Change your image. A wardrobe haul, a new haircut and a different style can make you feel like a new person. This will improve your self-esteem and your libido.

    How To Reignite Your Libido?

    Medical Intervention: You shouldn't feel ashamed to speak to your medical health provider. There are tests that you can take to figure out whether it's hormonal, mental or physical causes. If you have a decline in your testosterone levels, your doctor can suggest hormonal replacement therapy for both men and women to triple boost your libido.

    Exercise & Healthy Eating: You should book an appointment with a dietician right away. They will be able to advise you and provide a healthy eating plan. Get off that couch and increase movement. It’s a proven fact that exercise can increase desire. Those feel-good hormones can help you kiss your low libido issues goodbye.

    Master Stress Management Techniques: Take time out to meditate. Your mental health specialist may suggest journaling so you can be more in touch with your feelings and let out pent-up frustrations on paper. An occasional getaway does wonders for you. Breathing exercises can help you to be more grounded and ultimately regulate stress.

    Communication: You don’t need to feel ashamed to discuss concerns about your desires with your partner. You may end up taking your relationship to the next level when you overcome your shyness and use our tips and tricks to triple boost your libido.

    Psychological Solutions: Did you know that there are trained specialists who are equipped to help you with those thoughts you hide about sexual intimacy? Yes, you can see a couple’s therapist or psychologist who can assist you with psychotherapy to regain your self-confidence in the bedroom.

    Medication And Supplements To Increase Your Libido: There are tried and tested supplements with amazing reviews available at Motherkind. You can get your favourite products discreetly delivered to your door. Simply click on the link to get help right away. But remember that it’s not an instant fix, it will take a little time to get your body and mind back in the groove.

    Conclusion: It's normal to experience a fluctuation in your libido. You shouldn’t feel alone just because you’re not breaking the bed every single night. Did you know that one in every five men experiences a loss of libido at some stage of life? If you don’t want to be part of that statistic, you can take action by using some of our tips and tricks to triple-boost your libido.


     Written By: Shamima Amod

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