Collagen Natural Hair Nurture Oil - 100ml

R 700.00

Motherkind’s Collagen Natural Hair Nurturing Oil, a powerful blend of natural ingredients carefully curated to unleash the true potential of your hair. This oil/serum harnesses the benefits of Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Silicone and Collagen to transform your hair into luscious, frizz-free, and vibrant locks.

Silicone, known for its frizz-taming properties, creates a protective barrier, reducing the appearance of frizz and flyaway hair, leaving your hair looking sleek and effortlessly styled.

Enriched with Avocado Oil, a biotin-rich wonder, this serum helps retain moisture, giving your hair a luminous shine and boosting its elasticity, ensuring that your hair stays nourished and resilient.

Grape Seed Oil is another hero ingredient in our formula, working hand in hand with Avocado Oil to lock in moisture and further reduce frizz, leaving your hair smoother and more manageable.

The addition of Argan Oil enhances the serum's moisturizing benefits, promoting shine and elasticity, while simultaneously preventing breakage of split ends, for a healthier overall look, from root to tip.

But that's not all! Our Motherkind Hair Serum takes hair care to the next level by infusing Collagen into the mix. This powerhouse ingredient not only assists in hair growth but also plays a vital role in repairing split ends, ensuring that your hair stays strong and revitalized.

Discover the magic of Motherkind Hair Serum and experience the transformative effects of this potent blend. Unlock the secret to your best hair ever as you bid farewell to frizz, breakage, and lackluster locks. Embrace the confidence that comes with healthy, radiant hair, all within a single bottle of Motherkind Hair Serum. Elevate your hair care routine today and let your hair shine with Motherkind.

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Directions For Use

Apply to wet or dry hair from mid lengths to ends.

Silicone – known to reduce the appearance of frizz and flyaway hair.

Avocado Oil – rich in biotin. Assists in retaining moisture, boosting shine and elasticity of hair. Also known to prevent breakage of split ends.

Grape Seed Oil – Assisting in retaining moisture and reducing frizz.

Argan Oil – Assisting in retaining moisture, boosting shine and elasticity of hair. Also known to prevent breakage of split ends.

Collagen – Assists in hair growth and repairing split ends.