Glow Beauty Roller

Derma Roller System

R 620.00

This skin rejuvenating derma roller optimises skin cell function, breaks down scar tissue, strengthens the skin barrier and induce regenerative healing while preserving the integrity of the epidermis.

Regular use of the Glow Beauty Roller™ will also allow enhanced absorption of the Glow Beauty Serum™.

Together, this powerful combination will rejuvenate and improve the skin’s appearance from deep beneath the skin.

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Directions For Use

  1. Use the Glow Beauty Roller™ twice weekly at night time.
  2. Use on clean skin (after cleansing). Do not apply any product before rolling.
  3. Roll with light pressure 10 times back and forth horizontally, vertically & diagonally. 
  4. Rinse your face, apply moisturizer and Glow Beauty Serum™ for maximum efficacy.
  5. Applying moisturizer and serum after rolling can help products more effectively absorb and penetrate the skin.
  6. Wash roller thoroughly with water after use.


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