Key Features:
  • Smart & Convenient: Tired of taking too many supplements? Introducing the ultimate all-in-one daily performance solution. This science-backed supplement is designed to provide hydration, focus, mood support, and essential vitamins in a convenient drinkable pack. Perfect for on the go.
  • Clean & Effective: Featuring science backed ingredients, effective dosages and synergistic formulations, creating a product that is not only effective but clean of artificial flavourants, colourants and additives.
  • Keto & Vegan Friendly: Sugar free, vegan friendly only 7 calories per serving, Prime Day fits into any lifestyle.
  • Delicious & Refreshing: Boasting delicious and refreshing natural flavours, elevating the way you take your supplements!
  • Gut Friendly: No artificial ingredients, xylitol or other alcohol based sweeteners plus the addition of prebiotic fibre means Prime Day is perfect for every gut.

Key Benefits:

  • Hydration: Optimal hydration with 800mg+ of key electrolytes and trace minerals from Himalayan Salt.
  • Focus: Unlock peak cognitive performance with science-backed nootropics.
  • Mood: Stay positive and collected with mood-supporting ingredients.
  • Vitamins: Cover all your nutritional bases with over 100% RDA of essential vitamins and minerals.


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