This oil, made from dry coconut pulp, is rich in lauric acid and is traditionally used in soaps for its foaming and cleansing power. Its fatty acid content makes it a highly-valued ingredient for its softening, emollient and protective virtues. When deodorized, copra oil is a good alternative to virgin coconut oil, which has a very strong smell.

With a high content in antioxidants such as vitamin E, argan oil protects skin by fighting the harmful effects of free radicals. The high content of unsaturated fatty acids gives this oil its amazing regenerating and nourishing properties which are particularly recommended for dry skin.

Glycerine, made during the traditional cauldron-cooking soap-making process, is naturally present in our liquid Marseille soaps. Capable de retenir jusqu’à 25% son poids en eau, elle agit comme un réservoir d’eau pour la peau et est ainsi un excellent agent hydratant. It's also renowned for its emollient and protective properties.

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