Four Ways That Collagen Aids Gut Health

Four Ways That Collagen Aids Gut Health

“Trust your gut”, “go with your gut” or our personal favourite, “I just feel it in my gut”. Whichever one sits well with you (in your gut), the chances are that you’ve experienced some discomfort, bloating or even digestive issues. As far back as ancient times, gelatine and bone broth were hailed as trusted sources. Flash forward to today and scientists have cracked the code on why these are so effective… collagen.


Why is collagen geared towards healing the gut?
  • It’s the most prominent protein in your body, making up 70% of skin and 90% of all connective tissue and organic bone mass.
  • As the “glue” that holds you together, supplementation is certainly useful for “patching” up areas that need a little help, especially as we pass our 20s and we start producing less collagen.
  • Collagen also has a unique amino acid profile, allowing it to assist with digestive complaints.


Now for the real deal… what makes collagen a must for alleviating the pesky symptoms that leave us feeling sluggish? We’ve got the answers below.


  1. It helps to repair the stomach and intestinal lining
    Wherever there is inflammation or damage in the lining of the stomach or intestines, collagen helps produce new smooth muscle cells. As a building block of connective tissues and muscles, collagen promotes the creation of these cells in order to heal the intestinal wall. 

  2. It can improve too much acidity
    If you’re prone to a slow digestive system or if you struggle with conditions like heartburn, daily supplementation with collagen can help. It’s all about creating a favourable environment within your gut, which starts with repairing damage and reducing acidity. Too much acid results in reflux, heartburn and even stomach ulcers. Which brings us to our next point…

  3. Collagen can help heal stomach ulcers, leaky gut and IBS
    Due to the amino acids found in collagen, the harmful gastric secretions in the lining of the stomach can be lessened and in some cases, even inhibited. This will allow the healing of the intestinal and stomach lining to occur, which will help to prevent stomach ulcers in the future. Where IBS and leaky gut are concerned, glutamine (a key amino acid in collagen) has been known to help prevent inflammation and provide relief for those who need it most.

  4. Aids digestion
    Collagen is what we would call a hydrophilic molecule, which means it’s attracted to water and acidic molecules. Due to this, any collagen supplements that you take will be surrounded by water and stomach acid. It’ll move through your digestive tract and thanks to its back up (water and acid) it’ll help move food matter through more effectively.


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