100% Squalane Serum - 30ml

R 175.00

Light-weight, non-greasy serum to quickly lock in moisture and deeply hydrate the skin.

 Squalane boosts collagen production for firmer, plumper skin with that dewy, glass skin look. This is a non-comedogenic (i.e. non-clogging) face oil. 


- Ultra hydrating & moisturising; perfect for dry skin
- Improves skin elasticity
- Minimises sun damage / age spots
- Anti-inflammatory: Perfect for acne-prone skin and eczema
- Plumper and softer skin

Targets: Dry & sensitive skin
Suited for: All skin types

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Additional Information

Can be combined with all other products.
Pregnancy & breast-feeding friendly.
Directions For Use

AM and/or PM. Patch test before use.

Gently massage into the skin as last step in your routine. Follow with SPF.

For hair: Work through damp, clean hair daily or as required.

100% natural plant-derived ECOVERT approved Squalane - Vegan-friendly