Illuminating Make-Up Base

30 ml

R 294.95
  • A highlighting base for grey, tired, dull skin. Its brightening micro-pigments create a natural and healthy glow. This multifunctional product can also be used alone, as a makeup base or a liquid highlighter.

o u r  p r o d u c t

Our makeup base with highlighting pigments is intended for tired and dull skin; its main task is to make the skin look young, glowing and relaxed. Its pigments reflect light and subtly revive the skin. Guarantees a subtle and natural highlighted effect. The primer conceals wrinkles, prevents oiliness and ensures the makeup lasts longer. It also contains an active conditioning ingredient:

  • vitamin E - improves skin elasticity, prevents damage to the collagen fibres and epidermal lipids, and nourishes the skin.

It leaves the skin incredibly smooth, soft and ready for the application of other products.

  • A makeup base with highlighting pigments,
  • For tired and dull skin,
  • The highlighting pigments reflect light and subtly revive the skin,
  • Guarantees a subtle and natural highlighted effect,
  • Smooths the skin, conceals large pores and reduces fine lines,
  • Guarantees a long-lasting, satiny and matte effect,
  • Leaves the skin incredibly smooth and ideally soft,
  • Perfectly prepares the skin for other cosmetic products,
  • Visibly improves the longevity of the makeup.


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