Mattifying Make-Up Base

30 ml

R 294.95
  • A mattifying makeup base for oily and combination skin. It reduces the visibility of pores and guarantees a long-lasting matte finish. It smooths the skin and improves makeup longevity.

 o u r  p r o d u c t

We want our cosmetics to feel like you are trying on your favourite jewellery, complementing your beautiful facial lines and smile, adding a touch of charm without outshining your natural beauty. That is why we created a silicone makeup base dedicated for oily and combination skin. It guarantees a strong matte effect, smooths out the skin, improves its elasticity and tightness. Vitamin E prevents excessive skin dryness and tightness. The primer improves the skin condition and nourishes it, providing the perfect base for a foundation and other cosmetic products.

  • A matte makeup base for oily and combination skin,
  • Prevents shiny skin and guarantees a strong, matte effect,
  • Smooths out the pores, reduces their visibility and evens out the skin,
  • Vitamin E has moisturising properties and prevents skin dryness and tightness,
  • Liquid silicon makes the application easy,
  • Easy-to-apply, oil-free formula,
  • Significantly improves skin tightness and firmness,
  • Comes in a convenient and practical case.
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