Mixed Minis Essentials - Pack Of 4

2 x 25g + 1 x 20g + 1 x 20g

R 100.00

2 x Shampoo Bars 25g
1 x Conditioner Bar 20g
1 x Bodywash Bar 20g

The future is here, and it’s plastic-free! Together, let’s start doing things differently, beginning today…

As effective as they are eco-conscious, our premium mini bars are made from only the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients, paving the way for the greenest toiletries yet.

This set of 2 shampoo bars, 1 conditioner bar & 1 bodywash bar is ideal to take with you for a few days away – think long weekend vibes, done in impeccable zero waste style!

Helping you ditch the bottle one bar at a time…

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