The Super Glo Hydro Boost Jelly Moisturiser


R 325.00
A powerful combo of active ingredients for bright, super-hydrated skin. This jelly moisturiser has been formulated to suit all skin types, calming and reducing redness while plumping and smoothing. Use as your daily moisturiser or apply a thick layer for a night mask. This lightweight jelly supports a healthy skin barrier while hydrating deep into the skin giving the perfect dewy glow.
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Directions For Use

Use as your daily moisturiser before SPF or apply a thick layer for a hydrating night mask.

CBD Leaf Extract: Calms and soothes skin inflammation, acne, redness and Eczema. Helps decrease sebum production.

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer: Visibly improves skin's hydration and suppleness, plumps and reduces fine lines. Creates a barrier for the skin to lock in moisture. 

Pomegranate Extract: A powerful antioxidant that helps skin regenerate, detoxes the skin, and protects against UV radiation.

Hemi-Squalane: Helps skin retain moisture, protects the skin barrier, and increases elasticity. 

Jojoba Seed Extract: Anti-inflammatory properties, reduces redness caused by drying, ease the effects of Eczema and Rosacea.