Travel Tin - Small

R 80.00

Our aluminium travel tin is the perfect zero waste, stylish vessel for transporting your hair & body bars on all your adventures!

Pop your mini bars into these lightweight silver beauties, and toss them in your carry-on luggage to breeze through airport security liquid-free, or to take along on your weekend getaway…

*Note: one small tin holds two mini-size bars.


  • When you’ve reached your destination & used your bars, it’s best to let them dry between use on a surface with drainage as per usual. If the bars are still wet & need to be stowed quickly (life happens, we know!), gently pat the bar/s dry with a towel to limit excess water in the tin to maintain the longevity of the bars.
  • The tin should be used for travel purposes, and not as an ongoing storage solution for the bars between use. Between lathers, a soap dish on which the bars can drain & dry in the open is always preferable.
  • The tin should last for a very long time, however, if end of life does occur, they are 100% recyclable (aluminium can be recycled almost indefinitely).

 *Includes travel tin only, does not include soap.

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